What is a Hoodie Jacket?

jacket,Hoodie,hoodie jacket,What is a Hoodie JacketWhat is a Hoodie JacketWhat is a Hoodie Jacket

What is a Hoodie Jacket? Hoodie jacket is a short sleeve and long sleeve with a head hood. The hoodie name is taken from the word hood which means hood. Hoodie usually combined with matching jackets and sweaters, but not surprising if there are other types of clothing that there is hoodie.

Jacket,hoodie jacket,thraser,What is a Hoodie Jacket

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History of Hoodie Jackets

Initially the term hoodie became popular in the 1990s, but actually the hoodie had existed over centuries ago. Hoodie was originally a formal dress for Catholic monks. Then the Champion Company used the hoodie as a uniform for the frozen food factory workers in New York. The popularity of the hoodie began to climb when a sports clothing designer, Named Claire McCardell using hoodie. on the entire collection of sportswear designs.In the 1970s, hoodies grew in popularity as the boom of the flow of hip-hop music. Almost all hip-hopers use hoodie clothing, because for them hoodie is considered as a symbol of anonymity, because hoodie can hide their face and their identity from others.

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At that time racial issues in the United States were still very sensitive, many blacks were victims of violence. So that hoodie is considered a protector of the violence experienced by the black race there. But for some people precisely the anonymity of this hoodie is considered negative because it can spur the emergence of criminal intentions. But all the assumption was long lost replaced by the emergence of hoodie in the High Fashion line issued by Norma Kamali which gives the impression of glamor and luxury on every design hoodie.


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The development of a hoodie jacket

In the 1990s, hoodie began to be a statement of clothes for skaters and surfers at the time. The majority are between 14-28 years old. The use of hoodie can also be as a jacket or sweater uniforms in various schools and universities ,with their academic civitas logo on the chest. In North America, hoodies are widely chosen as casual clothing that. Also serves to protect the head from cold air and wind. Then the hoodie also evolved into a general outfit for light sports like jogging and brisk walking. In addition to its popularity, hoodie also often get criticism from various parties. Because hoodies are often misused by shoplifter in shopping centers, to cover their faces from CCTV recordings. So people and shopping center owners feel restless when they see the presence of teenagers hoodie.

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