History Of Bomber Jackets

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The history of bomber jackets. Was originally, made as a jacket of military pilots in World War I. The military plane’s cockpit does not yet have a cover panel, as it is the current flight standard. So the pilot needs a thick and warm body armor to protect it, from the risk of pressure disturbance and air temperature when flying . Therefore, the design of the jacket is made to cover the body, with a thick material. United States Air Force was the first to introduce the design of this jacket with the nickname of a bomber jacket.

Jacket,bomber jacket,history

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Public attention. Began, to be captivated when this bomber jacket was adopted as a costume. For aeronautical themed films. Such as one of the Top Gun movies starring Tom Cruise in the decade of the 80s. In the same era, this jacket also gained popularity when worn by actor Ewan McGregpr, in the movie Renton. Which revolves around the skinhead cultural background in the scope of the urban English community.

jacket,bomber jacket,history of jacket bomber,tom cruise

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History In The World Of Fashion

Actually history of bomber jackets has been long enough, especially on easy child fanhead understand the understanding in the era of the 80s to early 90’s. Had less interest for more than 1 decade this bomber jacket. New when processed by the hands of genius Kim Jones for a collection of Louis Vuitton men’s line (spring / summer 2012), bomber jackets again received a very positive market response. From that, Louis Vuitton always insert the element of bomber jackets in every collection of men’s clothing line lansirannya. Over time, various other moe houses also participate incorporate the same thing in the collection of men’s clothing.

jacket,bomber jacket,history of bomber jackets

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Although leather and fur materials. Are now being changed using wool and nylon anti water. but the trend of using leather bomber jacket does not necessarily disappear. Rather it, continues to be produced not only for the sheer style. Needs but also to honor the pilots who have fought their time.

jacket,bomber jacket ,bomber

old bomber jacket by:jaketzkulit

And until now the development of bomber jacket continues to increase at the start of the model and its different styles different not only to get it too very easy already many online stores that sell it like ebay or

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